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Kindergarten Programs

little girl smiling while leaning on an opened book

At The Little Schoolhouse, we offer an age-appropriate Kindergarten Program wherein we provide children with more advanced lessons that can further help them prepare for higher education. At this age, children start to gain a more profound understanding for language, science, movement, math, socialization, and they start to become more curious about the world around them. It is the goal of our teachers to foster and guide their growth through age-appropriate, educational, and fun activities.

Through direct teaching, creative class materials, guided lessons, worksheets, and a focus on the fundamentals such as language, communications, arts, science, math, and reading, we aim to provide kindergarteners with a solid foundation so they are ready for higher education.

Do you have inquiries about our kindergarten programs? Set An Appointment now or contact us at 281-469-4282.

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