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Day Care Programs

multi-ethnic group of kids in a childcare facility

The curriculum designed for our littlest explorers include sensory activities, as well as activities designed to promote language and social development. We plan activities to engage creativity, strengthen gross and fine motor skills, and build those first connections in the brain. Furthermore, our day care program also includes music, language, arts, cognitive, social, and sensory experiences.

At The Little Schoolhouse, our day care teachers prepare lesson plans that include more activities to choose from and provide suggestions for different abilities. We use a literature-based curriculum for our toddler room. Each week’s lessons are themed around a piece of children’s literature. Integrated into each theme are Alphabet and Number activities, as well as shape, colors, and early concepts such as opposites and sorting. Toddlers are always on the go, and we use this energy to plan activities which build both fine and gross motor skills. We also encourage social and emotional growth by talking about feelings and sharing during daily circle and free play centers time.

Give us a call at 281-469-4282 or Set An Appointment now to learn more about our day care programs at The Little Schoolhouse.

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